Our Teams

Pleasant View Middle School offers the following athletics:

Boys: Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Track

Girls: Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading and Track

Fall Schedules: Athletic Information Click Here


Athletic Director - Cassie Benson cassandra.benson@swcsd.us 

Head Coach Adam Matheny    adam.matheny@swcsd.us   

Assistant Coach  Jamie Ramirez  jamie.ramirez@swcsd.us

Assistant Coach Jack Thomas (email adam.matheny@swcsd.us)

Football Information Below:

Football Practice Schedule and Information

CHEERLEADING – Head Coach Mackenzie Daniels     makenzie.daniels@swcsd.us

 Cheer Calendar


Athletic Director - Cassie Benson cassandra.benson@swcsd.us 

8th Grade Volleyball – Coach Jeannie Krueger   jeannie.krueger@swcsd.us

7th Grade Volleyball – Coach Annette Kusan     annette.kusan@swcsd.us

2017 Volleyball Calendar

Volleyball Packet for 2016 Season - Open Gym/Tryouts/Practices



Athletic Director - Jeremiah Cunningham jeremiah.cunningham@swcsd.us

8th Grade Boys Basketball – Coach - Brandon Robinson brandon.robinson@swcsd.us

7th Grade Boys Basketball - Coach - Payne Davis  (email brandon.robinson@swcsd.us)


8th Grade Girls Basketball - Coach - Cassie Benson cassandra.benson@swcsd.us

7th Grade Girls Basketball - Coach - Sarah Taylor sarah.taylor@swcsd.us


Wrestling - Coach Adam Matheny   adam.matheny@swcsd.us


Athletic Director - Cassie Benson  cassandra.benson@swcsd.us 

Boys Coach - Jeremiah Cunningham jeremiah.cunningham@swcsd.us

Girls Coach - Jeannie Krueger  jeannie.krueger@swcsd.us

Assistant Coach - Brian Rohrbacher brian.rohrbacher@swcsd.us

Volunteer - 

Volunteer - 

Skills and Learning Opportunities      Athletic Information and Tryouts

Athletic Photos - Second Glimpse Photography will be taking our athletic photos again this year. They will have photographers at some of our events taking action photos. They will post team shots and supply photos for our yearbook. You may visit their Web site. Click on the link below to find your photos. Our password is Panthers.