Building Facts

Pleasant View Middle School is a part of the South-Western City School District. Pleasant View is located at 7255 Kropp Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123, in a largely rural setting.

Pleasant View Middle School was originally built in 1959 as a high school and has served a variety of grade levels since then. Today, Pleasant View serves approximately 900 students from diverse backgrounds in 7th & 8th grades, offering a breadth of educational programming to the diverse student body. Students with disabilities compose approximately 13% of the student body and receive a wide spectrum of services that includes content-learning classrooms, co-taught classrooms, concentrated instructional services, open-learning lab, and cross categorical programming.

PVMS also serves a diverse group of students for whom English is a second language. Speaking a total of 14 distinct native languages, approximately 12% of the student population receives EL services at PVMS. The school offers TESOL classes to English learners and places qualifying students in SIOP (sheltered) content classes (SS, Sci, Math) with staff trained to embed both content and language objectives in each class lesson.

The staff at PVMS is committed to offering an excellent educational experience to the students and families we serve. Students from Pleasant View enter high school ready to succeed, a high percentage of whom go on to further their education after high school. Former PVMS students are currently enrolled in post secondary programs including community college, traditional 4-year universities - including Ivy League schools, and high-demand technical programs.