Parent Resources from our School Counselors

Suicide & Self-Harm

Understandably, parents wonder what signs may signal potential thoughts of suicide or self-harm in their teenagers. At PVMS, we partner with Nationwide Children's Hospital and other mental health providers such as the Buckeye Ranch and Directions for Youth & Families to provide parents and students with support and resources on this topic.

Click on the PDF link below to get advice on what to look for and, if you suspect someone is having thoughts of suicide, how to respond.

Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Abusing drugs and alcohol puts teens at risk in many ways. Not only is the body adversely affected but brain development is affected as well. Many times, drug & alcohol abuse can also be linked to suicidal ideation. The links below from by Advanced Recovery Systems contain very comprehensive, free information about the effects of drugs & alcohol on teens as well as a report on the link between suicide and drug/alcohol abuse. These are excellent resources for parents, many of which would be excellent frameworks for discussion with your teen.

Substance Abuse & Suicide: A Guide to Understanding the Connection and Reducing the Risk

Effects of Alcohol