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Suicide & Self-Harm

Understandably, parents wonder what signs may signal potential thoughts of suicide or self-harm in their teenagers. At PVMS, we partner with Nationwide Children's Hospital and other mental health providers such as the Buckeye Ranch and Directions for Youth & Families to provide parents and students with support and resources on this topic.

If you have a child working through these issues - or if your child is in crisis - scroll to the Crisis Text Line PDF below for more info or text 4HOPE to 741741

Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Abusing drugs and alcohol puts teens at risk in many ways. Not only is the body adversely affected but brain development is affected as well. Many times, drug & alcohol abuse can also be linked to suicidal ideation. The links below from by Advanced Recovery Systems contain very comprehensive, free information about the effects of drugs & alcohol on teens as well as a report on the link between suicide and drug/alcohol abuse. These are excellent resources for parents, many of which would be excellent frameworks for discussion with your teen.

Substance Abuse & Suicide: A Guide to Understanding the Connection and Reducing the Risk

Effects of Alcohol